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Our curriculum provides a comprehensive learning experience tailored to each individual student. With a focus on interactive and engaging materials because we understand that each child learns differently. We utilize multiple resources to ensure your child is getting the best education possible and can discuss any areas that may need more attention. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us or schedule a meeting with your child's teacher. With the help of Northshore Homeschooling & Tutoring Center, your child will get the most out of their education.

At Northshore Homeschooling and Tutoring Center, we are dedicated to supporting the educational needs of all our students. We take pride in our educators who are passionate about teaching and have a deep love for what they do. Our teachers are highly experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about helping students reach their full potential. We provide a safe and secure learning environment that is tailored to each student's individual needs. Our focus is on developing a strong academic foundation that helps our students thrive. We strive to provide the best possible education and care for our students.


Susan Willie



Kaylyn Ehler

PreK3 Teacher


Amy Willie

Elementary Coordinator


Kelsi Cavin

Jr High/Highschool Coordinator


Evelyn Crain

PreK4 Teacher


David Fredericks

Elementary Teacher


Stephen Lambert

Jr High/Highschool Teacher

Chalkboard Pattern

Julie Hotard

Kindergarten Teacher


Ms. Martinez

Middle School Teacher

Chalkboard Pattern

Heather Preuett

Certified Academic

Language Therapist (Dyslexia)

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